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Testimonials from our clients

"For years I was unable to do Pilates because of an old back injury--because I didn't have much core strength, I couldn't do the exercises without feeling a lot of back pain. Peggy helped me learn how to access my core muscles so that I could gradually build up the strength I needed to do all the Pilates mat exercises without pain and without fear of reinjuring myself. Her vast knowledge of anatomy coupled with her dancer's understanding of how bodies move enable her to find creative ways to get everyone moving, no matter your age or injury history. After almost two years with Peggy I am stronger, fitter and 20 pounds lighter. Anyone who's ever had trouble mastering Pilates should try Peggy's classes. You won't be disappointed."
Natalie Hurst

"Peggy is a terrific teacher and understands movement and the body like no other I've had. One of her greatest strengths is the ability to personalize the instruction even in a large class. She is always on the lookout for her students' safety and gives adaptations for those with problem areas or injuries. She focuses on form, frequently explaining the reasons for it, so that it doesn't feel like the movements are being performed by rote. She constantly adjusts the degree of difficulty and changes the exercises from class to class just enough to keep her regular students challenged. Peggy is a wonderful teacher and any student of fitness will benefit from her classes."
Debby Shulevitz

"Peggy Levine is an extraordinarily knowledgeable, thorough, and conscientious fitness and exercise teacher. Even in a large class she has the ability to focus on the needs and abilities of each individual student. A legend on the Upper West Side of New York City, Peggy's extensive and loyal following is well deserved! Peggy will tone your body and change your life!"
Lora Kahn

"Peggy is a unique teacher. She approaches her classes with an enthusiasm that is contagious. Her classes are never static or rote and she is able to give individual corrections while still maintaining the pace and rigor of the class. Flexibility, balance and strength are all emphasized in her classes and Peggy truly believes in helping her students to achieve the best possible results and health. Because Peggy is an experienced teacher who has been devoted to dance and fitness from a young age, she is well aware of body placement and alignment and very mindful of movements that may cause injury. Her students are devoted to her because she truly cares and provides an environment where beginners learn and more advanced students maintain and increase their technique and strength."
Susan Rubin

"Peggy Levine is a born teacher...especially with "women of a certain age." Whether guiding us into an exercise, carefully observing us or gently making needed corrections, her explanations are clear while she tailors any exercise individually, if needed. I've been attending her classes 14 years and hope she never retires!"
Helene Russo age 68

"I can only say the most wonderful, positive things about Peggy and the classes that she teaches. I have taken Peggy's classes for 15 years. Challenging with very positive results. A "Must" for every woman. I am in part, the person I am because of her."
Dorothy Kretchmer

"I joined Peggy's class in my third month of pregnancy - I am now in my 9th month and have been an avid participator ever since. Prior to my pregnancy I had always been very active when it came to cardio workouts. When I was told by my OB/GYN, that I should give high impact workouts a rest (i.e. running etc..), I was desperate to find something, that would keep me fit, toned and agile during my pregnancy. Yoga was one thing I had considered, but it didn't seem to fulfill my thirst for a workout. I was looking for someone, who knew what he/she was doing. I had had one miscarriage previously and was very nervous about losing this one too. Peggy's ability to focus on every class member individually calmed me immediately. Her experience as a mother and as a prenatal fitness trainer goes far beyond what all-round gyms offer their clients. She shares her in-depth knowledge of the physical aspects of pregnancy and the fitness do's and don'ts with you. Her well thought-through classes give you a sense of achievement, that make those pregnancy aches and pains slide away. And friends have actually commented several times on how toned I looked. Thanks to Peggy Levine I will certainly be going into the birthing process with a degree of calmness and physical stamina, that I would never have achieved without her prenatal fitness classes."
Alexandra M.
(New York City)

"I was very physically active prior to becoming pregnant and wanted to continue being active during my pregnancy. Since it was my first pregnancy, however, I wasn't sure what my limitations were or should be. A friend of a friend recommended Peggy's fitness classes.  It felt terrific to be able to attend a regular fitness class, as this had been such an important part of my life prior to pregnancy. I was very pleased that I was able to move and maintain a good level of cardiovascular capacity throughout my pregnancy. In addition, I was so pleased with Peggy's level of expertise and personal attention. She truly cared about everyone's aches and pains, and more importantly, addressed everyone's specific needs during every class, via stretches and breathing exercises. It is a level of personalization I have yet to find in any other fitness club or training session.  Peggy is truly the best!"
Kaliope Kostas

"Before discovering Peggy Levine in my second trimester, I was taking prenatal yoga twice per week. While it helped me to de-stress and relax, I felt I needed something more to prepare my body for the rigors of childbirth. Peggy's pre-natal fitness classes turned out to be exactly what I was looking for! Not only were they fun and exhilarating; they enabled me to develop the strength I would need to push and breathe during my labor.

Peggy tailors her classes to fit the needs of each pregnant woman. She also offers advice about pregnancy and Motherhood to all of us who had concerns about becoming first time mothers.  I took Peggy's classes up until the day before I delivered my daughter, and found that, unlike many would-be moms, I was filled with energy and vigor throughout most of my pregnancy. Even on the delivery table all of Peggy's guidance on how to breathe and use my muscles seemed to come to me like second nature.  My delivery nurse even complimented me on my technique.

I had my daughter three months ago and, thanks to the great shape I was in from Peggy's classes, I've already lost thirty of the forty-two pounds I had gained. I have no doubt that my rapid recovery and relatively easy delivery were the result of the work I put in under Peggy's expert tutelage.  I recommend her classes to any woman who is looking to go into the delivery room with a fit mind and body."
Faith Nashel

"I found out about Peggy Levine’s studio quite by chance — but it turned out to be a total lifesaver for me. I am British and had not lived in New York for long when I had my baby daughter. My support network was severely limited - as well as losing the pregnancy weight, I needed to meet other new mothers. I did so at Peggy’s.
I used to push the pram through the winter snow to see Peggy and Liz maybe four times a week - it gave me something to aim for everyday - it really kept me going. My daughter has friends now from that time, who she met when she was only five weeks old!! And I have good friends, too.
And, yes my stomach got flat and firm and I was back in my pre-pregnancy clothes in good shape - and fitter than I had been for years. I am now having another baby and will be back at Peggy's for the prenatal classes as well as the postnatal workouts. The classes used to be known to our group of mothers as the 'tortuere sessions" - but we had such fun and we were also so grateful for the warmth and friendliness all the staff showed us."
Jane Standley

"I began working out at the Peggy Levine Studio approximately one year ago. At first I attended class once a week. I am now going four or five times a week. Attending these classes has allowed me to stabilize my weight and, more importantly, my hypertension. My doctor is going to begin reducing my medication. I am over 50 years of age and am beginning to be physically vulnerable. Peggy Levine’s classes are a major support to maintaining my ongoing health. One might say I could easily join a gym in the neighborhood. Classes at gyms are geared to younger and more fit clientele. When I have been in them, I felt pushed beyond my capacity and discouraged. At Peggy’s the instructors are aware of your capacity and personally work with each client to build their strength slowly. They also monitor your movement."
Diane A. Greenwald, Ph.D.
Child Psychologist

You can reach Peggy Levine directly at:
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Classes are currently being held at the Bridge for Dance Studio
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