Peggy Levine Fitness
Class Descriptions

Pilates Style Sculpt (70 min.)

This hybrid class draws upon the Pilates principal of "Contrology" (slow controlled movements) to develop a strong core (center) and long lean muscles. It targets the abdominals, back, buttocks, and pelvic floor while standing using free weights and dynabands, and uses the same principles doing mat work on the floor.

Shape-up (70 min.)

This class incorporates a 40-45 minute cardiovascular component, abdominal strengthening and light stretching during the cool down portion of the class. Depending upon the participants, we may also use the aerobic step or physioballs.
If you are looking to strengthen your heart and build endurance and stamina this is the class for you.
Sneakers Required

EmptyNesters / BabyBoomers & Postnatals
(EN/BB/PN) (70 min.)

A class for individuals who have not exercised in many years and are concerned about Cardiovascular Health, Bone Density, Balance, and Flexibility. This class has a low/non impact component, a free weight component, and mat floor work for abdominal training and stretching. The pace of the class will be slow and progress along with the abilities of the students. Because of the pace of this class, and because Peggy has taught Prenatal and Postnatal women for over 25 years, both are invited and encouraged to participate.
Sneakers Required
SPECIAL: Bring in a friend who signs up for a series and get one free class

Prenatal Fitness (one on one personal training)

This workout is designed to improve your physical and mental sense of well being during your pregnancy. Stretching and strengthening improves muscle tone and aids in building stamina. Emphasis on the core and the pelvic floor helps provide for an easier labor and delivery.
Doctor's release necessary.

Postnatal & Beginners (one on one personal training)
PLEASE NOTE: These classes are currently on vacation,
but students are invited and encouraged to attend the
Empty Nesters/Baby Boomers class. Peggy is available for
personal training in your home should you choose that option.

This workout incorporates kegels, emphasizes alignment and upper body strength (especially important for new moms who are straining their arms , shoulders, necks and backs). We focus on the correct way to exercise and the mechanics of everyday movement, whether you are picking up a baby or a grocery bag. Learn the basic "how-to" for abdominal exercises, push-ups, and leg work.

You can reach Peggy Levine directly at:
Phone: 212-222-3637
Fax: 212-222-3477

Classes are currently being held at the Bridge for Dance Studio
2726 Broadway between 104th and 105th Streets, 3rd Floor.
Phone: 212-749-1165